Increase Your Online Brand Visibility , Build Trust With Your Ideal Clients, And Make Sales.

I help you leverage your online brand presence by designing catchy & consistent brand designs, websites and also writing copy that wins you clients.

Brands I've Designed

Struggling to get more clients
for your brand online?

It can be quite a pain when you invest so much time trying to improve your online brand visibility but you’re not getting the results you expect.

You lose out on the opportunity to position your brand as an authority in your space and you also lose the sale.

You can turn this around by ensuring that your brand is eye-catching and memorable.

Great designs will appeal to your client, make them curious about your brand and have them engaging with you.

With consistent brand designs across platforms, your clients will easily identify you and always remember your brand.

Making it easier for them to come to you when they need what you offer or refer you.

Ready to be memorable and get more clients?

Get Your Brand Design Done Today

I’ll create epic designs that appeal to your target clients, trigger an emotional connection and foster confidence that your brand is a great option to help them meet their needs.

You can expect;

  • Killer logo designs (Different versions and formats)
  • Brand colors backed by your target audience’s psychology
  • Ideal typography for your brand
  • The right messaging that appeals to your target clients
  • Social media graphics designed to compliment your brand
  • Brand guide to help you stay consistent with your brand’s designs

Ready to up level your brand’s online visibility?

Is your brand assured of longevity online?

As a brand, it is easy to leave all your online brand presence to your social media channels.

But, this is not the way to go. Picture this, if your profiles were inaccessible today due to a change in the platform’s policies or they shut down, what would you do?

If you were solely building on social media, then your efforts would go to waste. This shows you that you don’t own your social media platforms nor the followers that you gain.

But, you can change this. Start building your online presence on a platform that ensures the longevity of your brand’s online visibility.

Your website is something that you’ll have full control over and won’t have to worry about losing.

You can build on social media and consistently direct people to your website, where you can collect their information and start owning your audience.

The best part is that a website also allows you to tap into a new audience of people searching on Google.

Your website is your assured ticket to your brand’s online longevity.

Ready to work on your brand’s longevity online and get more clients?

Get Your Custom Website Done Today

I’ll set up a custom website that meets your target audience’s needs, is easy to use, and makes it easy for people to take the necessary action.

You can expect:

  • A beautiful, eye-catching and customized website that suits your needs
  • Responsiveness on multiple devices
  • High speeds to improve the user’s experience
  • A layout that follows the best practices for a website’s success
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Custom WordPress dashboard
  • Detailed video walk-through for easy maintenance

Take charge of your brand’s online success today

Website I've Designed

Struggling to get sales and inquiries
from your website?

Having a website with poor content means that clients will be coming to your website and leaving immediately.

Why? Because your content is either too shallow, doesn’t address your clients directly or is too complicated.

This makes it harder for the client to understand what you can do to help them and makes them opt for a different option.

But, with quality copy, you can turn your website into a money-making machine.

You can address your client’s needs, make them feel seen, and connect with them on a deeper level.

This will help them trust you and feel confident to work with you.

Level up your website’s copy with result-based copywriting

Looking For the Perfect

I’ve got you

Starter Package (Bronze)

From $ 150
  • Logo design
  • Typography
  • Brand Colors
  • Brand Messaging

Suitable for beginner brands setting up their online presence.

Mid-Tier Package

From $ 300
  • Brand design full package
  • Custom website design
  • Custom WordPress Dashboard
  • Detailed video walkthrough

Suitable for brands that are ready to own their audience and be memorable.

top-tier package

From $ 400
  • Brand design full package
  • Custom website design full package
  • Full website copywriting
  • Bonus strategy call

Suitable for brands that want to connect with their audience and make sales.

About Me

Hi There,

I’m Peninah Ng’ang’a (Ninah) a brand and website designer building the best design agency for upcoming and ambitious brands.

In the past, I was an SEO blog writer and I got to see how established brands capitalize on their websites and online presence.

So, I decided to help upcoming brands do the same. My vision for the future is to empower more brands and help them increase their online visibility and make more sales.

Want to learn more about me and how I work?

What My Clients Say

Working with Ninah was amazing. I only had an idea of what I wanted for my website in my mind and she truly brought it to life. I highly recommend her for anyone starting from fresh – she’ll help with everything including logos, colors, website design and copies. Thank you Ninah.


Sylvia Kahiro

Founder, The Finance Girlie

In my collaboration with Peninah on my website development project, I was thoroughly impressed by her approach. Her exceptional customer service stands out prominently.  I was particularly struck by her ability to deliver exactly what we had discussed, underscoring her dedication to surpassing client expectations.


Arosto Ben

Founder, Arosto Ben

Peninah did an excellent job designing my website with a lot of latest web design trends. I’m so happy with my website fonts and the page layout. It is user friendly and fast. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a great and functional website for their businesses.


Shiku Njoroge

Coach, ShiftedmindsetKE

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